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What we Offer? 

AnandRathi Group has an integrated research driven professional team backed by strong infrastructure and risk management system.

Being your Forex Advisor, our role and responsibilities include managing, monitoring & controlling your company's Forex portfolio. We provide the below given:-


  • Bank Liaisoning: Ensuring the company gets prevailing true & market aligned conversion price for Cash/Spot/Forward & Option contract.
  • Advise on Stop-levels (in conjunction with Benchmark cost) for entry levels & suitable-relevant instruments-structures aimed at controlling the currency risk.
  • Advise on Optimal Finance Interest Cost like Currency Swap (from INR to USD) and trade finance facilities of PCFC/PCINR. Purpose is to reduce the financial cost as much as possible.
  • MIS Structure & Periodicity i.e. ensuring related Fx triggers & Cash flows are mapped in MIS so as to assist Forex decisions.
  • Assistance in designing & drafting a Corporate Risk Policy.
  • Advice and assistance in bank transition.


 1. Primary Product & services

  • Complete Forex exposure management
  • Advice on day to day basis
  • Mapping the business model in detail
  • Liaison with banks (for transactions)
  • Advise on trade finance / long debt structures
  • Designing & Drafting of Risk Policy
  • MIS structuring

2. Ancillary Product & Services

  Short Term Foreign Currency Funding

  • Buyers/Suppliers Credit Arrangement
   Forex Website
  • Live G7 currencies with Rupee & Cross quotes
  • Forward Premiums with broken date calculator
  • Libor funding rates, Major indices & commodities
  • Live Charts of major Rupee pairs

  Forex App (coming out soon)

  • Live G7 currencies with Rupee & Cross quotes
  • Forward Premiums with broken date calculator


As a substitute to bank, we now have exchange traded future and option contracts for corporate and individuals to hedge their underlying assets.

Anand Rathi Commodities Pvt. Ltd., a group company of AnandRathi is a member of MCX-SX, NSE and USE* which enables clients to trade in the currencies market as hedgers, arbitragers or investors.


The current business environment is dynamic with growth opportunity where we help multiply your business by arranging various financial structures such as short-term debt (buyer's credit & supplier's credit) and long-term debt (Foreign Currency Term Loan (FCTL) / External Commercial Borrowing (ECB)). Such LIBOR based financing is one of the ways of reducing the interest cost and in turn enhancing the companies' bottom line.

We provide liaison between the following trade finance services to corporates:

  • Trade credits for both L/C as well as non L/C D/A imports (backed by an undertaking from Indian banks)
  • Arranging supplier's credit / buyer's credit for L/C's
  • Arranging ECB's / FCTL's at reasonable rates.
  • Export bill discounting
  • Confirmation of exports L/Cs.
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