Preferred Services

At Preferred services, we believe in Solution Driven Approach.

We provide a holistic solution which is specially customised for our clients keeping in mind their needs and goals.

We don’t believe in product approach as we have a very scientific way of investment.

We assess our client’s requirements and prepare a finely customised plan which helps them achieve their long term portfolio expectations while maintaining the purchasing power. 

Wealth creation is about increasing the purchasing power of your money and beating inflation by a reasonable margin, so we always thrive to achieve a sensible return for our clients.

A sensible return on the portfolio should be such that it doubles the purchasing power of your money after taking care of the relevant taxes.

Choosing the right strategy from the several available options is an important aspect. Therefore, 

Services offered by us are:
- Existing Portfolio Evaluation
- Financial Strategy
- Insurance Audit
- Individual Tax Planning
- Safety Net and Estate Planning