Why TradeMobi?

Save Time:

1- Steady and stable app to ensure a smooth transaction of trade execution.
2- Dashboard for Comprehensive view of Market and Trading.
3-Quick access to Search Scripts, Watchlist, Market & Analytics.
4- Access real-time Quotes, Charts and execute the order.
5- Simplified Order placement.
6- Quick & Easy User Navigation.

New Feature: PORTFOLIO know more

Keeping you in sync with the Market:

1- Dynamic rates to ensure you don’t lose track of the market.
2- Track Global Markets performance at a single tap (Bull/Bear icon).
3- Analytics get historic and present data to know the past & predict future performance.
4- Get detailed ‘Snap Quote’ of your stock on a swipe.
5- Real-time Charts to analyze trends and breakouts for your stocks.
6- Access Markets overview to analyze the performance of different exchanges and their stocks.

Safeguard your account and money:

1- TradeMobi keeps your Log-in security double-check with 2FA Login (2 Factor Authentication).
2- Easy, Fast & Secured Fund Transfer from Multiple Banks.
3- DIY (Do it yourself): Change Password, Reset 2FA and Unblock account.

Supported Exchange segment

NSE Cash
BSE Cash
NSE Currency

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