Why AR Investment
AnandRathi Mutual Funds app is a smart mutual fund investment application for AnandRathi Clients. Transact, Track & Manage your Mutual Fund investment through a single mobile app.


Single Access: Invest in a variety of Mutual Fund schemes with quick and easy
Online transactions procedure.

Transact: Facility of LumpSum / SIP / Switch / Redeem / MF Basket / STP / SWP available through app

Fund Settlement: Make multiple transactions through single fund transfer directly from
your registered bank account

Track and Monitor: Access real-time tracking of Order Status & Mutual Fund Portfolio

Reporting: Quick access to your Mutual Fund Portfolio Reports

KYC/Holding Mode: No separate KYC required for Client who is already KYC
Compliant, Units in physical mode hence no Demat and Trading account required.

New client register here. Easy onboarding. Start a SIP Today!

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