Key Advantages of PMS – MNC Portfolio

Our study suggests the NIFTY MNC Index performed better than NIFTY 50 INDEX

As a client-centric organization, we strongly believe in providing our clients with long term value propositions by emphasizing on overall financial planning as well as keep them updated on the developments in the markets. Equities have compounded wealth over longer period of time outperforming Debt and Gold, thus one must have equity allocation in the overall portfolio with 3-5 years horizon to enhance the returns of overall portfolio.

PMS is one of the best ways to participate in Equity with the help of professional fund management team to build a portfolio.

We cater MNC PMS to our clients which focuses on providing consistency of return and risk moderation by investing in Multinational Companies listed in India.

Strong Business Model – Strong Brand, Innovation, Strong R&D
Strong Corporate Governance – High transparency & accountability
Healthy Balance Sheet – Zero or low debt, positive free cash flows
Special Opportunity – Additional triggers (open offers, buybacks, delisting)

A study was done on Nifty MNC Index which shows favourable risk-reward a portfolio of MNC Company could deliver.

NIFTY MNC Index has a good correlation with NIFTY 50 Index. However, the Beta stands at 0.8

Annualized returns of NIFTY MNC Index is higher compared to NIFTY 50 Index and Volatility is lower. This shows a favourable risk-reward for NIFTY MNC against NIFTY 50 Index

We would like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with this product.

Looking forward to building a healthy long term investment relationship.

Author: PMS Team, 15th October 2019


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