Here are Diwali Picks 2019

Hello friends, this is Siddharth Sedani – Head of Anand Rathi Equity Advisory. This Diwali we have come up with 6 quality companies to recommend with this Diwali we can bring in a lot of joy,
prosperity and wealth for us. Last Diwali and till now we have not made many returns in terms of markets and investments in the stocks. We have picked 3 Big themes of the market today are 1.Consumer Necessity 2.Financials 3.Defence. Watch below video to know  Diwali Picks 2019 by Anand Rathi Equity Advisory.

Author: Mr.Siddarth Sedani, Head of Anand Rathi Equity Advisory
Source: AR Equity Advisory Team, 19th October 2019


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