TradeMobi - Demo Videos (Mobile App)

TradeMobi - Demo Videos ( Mobile App)

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1. Watchlist (View Video)

a) Create Watchlist
b) Add/Delete Scrips
c) Delete Watchlist

2. Dashboard (View Video)

a) Dynamic Market Updates
b) Portfolio Section
c) OrderBook/Position.

3. Markets (View Video)

a) Top Movers/Volume Gainers
b) Corporate Action and bulk block deals
c) Market Status.

4.Trading 1  (View Video)

a) Buy/Sell stocks
b) Access Order and trade books.

5. Trading 2 (View Video)

a) Net Position
b) DP Holdings
c) Limits/Margins

6. Analytics- Strategies (View Video)

a) Bullish/Bearish Stocks
b) Neutral
c) IV Scanners

7. Analytics- Scanners (View Video)

a) Rise and fall
b) Volume shocker
c) Strong and weak
d) Circuit breakers
e) High and low breaker
f) Spreaders
g) Resistance & Support
h) Open=High/ or low

8. Fund Transfer (View Video)

a) PayIn
b) PayOut
c) Status.

9. Settings (View Video)

a) Changing password
b) Profile Information.