Platforms and Processes

It is a Web & App based transaction processing system that can be accessed “anytime” and “anywhere” and enabled for Lumpsum, SIP, Switch, Redeem, STP & SWP.

Why should you use our platform?

  • Easy online transactions for hassle free investments in Mutual Funds
  • Choose from a variety of schemes from across Mutual Funds
  • No Demat account is required as units are held in Physical mode
  • Payment settlement would happen through client’s bank account directly hence, no need of transferring funds to distributor, broker pool, ledger account
  • Transact: Lumpsum, SIP, Switch, Redeem, STP, SWP from a single platform
  • Your RM can execute transaction for you, post your final confirmation
  • Client having an existing folio purchased through other distributor, broker can make a Fresh Purchase, Switch & Redeem through the same folio with us by using our transaction facilities
  • Payment Mode facility available through Online, OTM & RTGS, NEFT options
  • The platform is available on Web Portal, Android App & iOS App
  • Investing in mutual funds made simpler with Investment Basket recommended by Anand Rathi experts
  • View Overall Portfolio Summary, MF Summary, MF Gain/Loss, MF Holding & MF Transaction.

How do I login?
You can login through  > Login > ONLINE MUTUAL FUND > Existing Client by using the client code and Password.

How can New Users register through New Client Registration page?

  • You can login through  > Login> ONLINE MUTUAL FUND> New Client Registration.
  • Enter PAN > Click on Verify tab
  • The client has to enter name as per PAN/CVL KRA
  •  Select PAN Card Status > Enter Email ID > Select DOB > Occupation
  • Select Citizenship > Gender
  • Enter Permanent Address
  • If your Correspondence Address is the same as your Permanent, then click on Same as Permanent checkbox or click on Correspondence Address and enter the address if it is different.
  •  Click on Submit
  •  The user will be redirected to Existing Client page, where he/she has to enter the User Name and Password received in the Welcome Mailer on the email ID.
  • Note :-
  • Existing client by using client code & password sent on your registered email id instead of Kuber User Id · Video link should be given below the process of New Client Registration:Anand Rathi Mutual Fund Registration